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IVAN DROUIN  M.A.  Registered Psychologist

Psychotherapy Services

Therapy is the process of true acceptance and genuine change


Mental health problems have multiple causes.  However, one of the consequence of mental health problems is that we no longer live according to ur values.  We have lost our way.  Overwhelming thoughts and emotions have taken over.  Therapy is the path that reconnects us with our innermost being.  We learn to relate differently to our thoughts and emotions and rediscover our fundamental goodness.

For anyone facing anxiety, depression, phobias, post- traumatic stress disorder or other mental health problems,  psychotherapy can help.


Stress has a bad reputation.  But it is a necessary ingredient of motivation and helps us to take action in our life.  Sometimes, however, we lose our ability to manage our stress and it can start controlling our life.   Mindfulness practices including meditation are proven tools to help respond to stress.  If you feel you are constantly overwhelmed or simply want to start appreciating the present moment, mindfulness exercises taught in individual therapy or in group classes may help you.


From a global health perspective, it is often useful for people  to be treated conjointly by a psychologist and other health practitioners when they have mental health issues.  These practitioners can be a Family Physician or psychiatrist  for medication, an acupuncturist or an osteopath.

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